Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Why I love Christmas?

Reasons me to like December:

1. It's my lovers birthday! 

2. Xmas movies on tv all day all month long ~

3. Rain...lots a rain. Waking up to a rainy day is something that I look forward to ;D

4. With rain comes wind. I love gusty wind. D feeling is almost like being on hilly side of a mountain.

5. Coldness...time to snuggle sun up sun down

6. Y.E.S - Year End Sale ^^

8. Enjoying the Xmas mode during holiday especially in Europe & US! 

7. Tbh, it is December after all. No reason needed. Its time to be happy after a year of memories had gone by. May next year bring more luv & happiness ^^

Merry Christmas to anyone who celebrating!! 


  1. As askum.. hi.. 1st time singgah.. dan slamat tahun baru.

    1. Thank you sudi singgah blog saya ye =)

  2. Lagi ada diskaun. Utk kaki shopping lah. Cuma terperangkap kat traffic jam je kalau nak balik kampung 😁

  3. Salam kenal.. next time kalau Hari Natal kena pegi Manila lah.. punya lah meriah kat sana... macam pesta... Cuba lah...


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