Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Why I love Christmas?

Reasons me to like December:

1. It's my lovers birthday! 

2. Xmas movies on tv all day all month long ~

3. Rain...lots a rain. Waking up to a rainy day is something that I look forward to ;D

4. With rain comes wind. I love gusty wind. D feeling is almost like being on hilly side of a mountain.

5. Coldness...time to snuggle sun up sun down

6. Y.E.S - Year End Sale ^^

8. Enjoying the Xmas mode during holiday especially in Europe & US! 

7. Tbh, it is December after all. No reason needed. Its time to be happy after a year of memories had gone by. May next year bring more luv & happiness ^^

Merry Christmas to anyone who celebrating!! 


angkisland said...

nice... but you muslim??

ComelComot said...

As askum.. hi.. 1st time singgah.. dan slamat tahun baru.

MasReena said...

Thank you sudi singgah blog saya ye =)

nur nabihah yunus said...

Lagi ada diskaun. Utk kaki shopping lah. Cuma terperangkap kat traffic jam je kalau nak balik kampung 😁

Najib Ariyan said...

Salam kenal.. next time kalau Hari Natal kena pegi Manila lah.. punya lah meriah kat sana... macam pesta... Cuba lah...

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