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Bandung part 2

OK sambung from last entry

After lunch di restoran Kampung Daun tadi (harga boleh tahan sama standard dengan Malaysia je bila dah diconvert kan) kami pun check in di hotel yang akan kami bermalam selama 3 hari 2 malam yang seterusnya. Alhamdulillah, cantik hotelnya, Zodiak@Asia Afrika, Bandung Selatan, Bandung, Indonesia. Kalau diperhatikan facility nya, hotel ni 3 bintang. 


Tangkuban Parahu is located in different area with White Crater / Kawah Putih. The location would be takes 2 hours and have traffic jammed and we need almost 4 hours on the road. Thus, you can't make it on the same day

The White Crater / Kawah Putih

See the difference and how far is it. Click to enlarge

Tangkuban Parahu
3rd day - 14th Febaruary 2017

Pagi itu selepas melalui malam yang agak memenatkan, kami pun bersiap-siap sambil borak. Sambil mekap borak. Sambil baring pun borak.... hahahaa

Sesambil tu buat gak air kopi
Pastu baru teringat hari tu adalah Valentine Day. So kitorang dapat idea snap gambar dan letak caption yang funny di facebook, "Valentine Day di Perantauan" πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Sampaikan adik aku telefon, "Hellooo... since when Valentine Day is important for you...????"  πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Valentine Day di perantauan πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Hotel ni terletak agak jauh sikit dari Pasar Baru Bandung. Malam tu kami ada jalan di sekitar dan dapati banyak baju-baju kebaya yang dijual dengan harga murah. 

Oh ya, baju kebaya hijau ni yang aku beli semalam di Rumah Kain dan terus alter dengan tailor tepi-tepi jalan je.

Breakfast pun tepi jalan ada banyak food truck at the end of the row and we ate a chicken porridge with price Rp.20,000 (RM 6). Indonesian people cooked usually spicy, and the chilli doesn't cooked well, so I am advice you to not take the chilli... only the porridge with chicken
Misi kitorang hari tu adalah melawat kawah putih. The entrance fee for white cater at the moment we came is Rp.50,000 (RM14.30) and the parking fee Rp.25,000 (RM 7.20) but all of the parking fee were already included in driver's payment, I just to inform you if let say you are renting a car and drive yourself.

White Cater or Kawah Putih. So unique and beautiful right?

The cater was formed from the eruption of Gunung Patuha / Mount of Patuha. It is called White Crater since the soil is white color, from the result of mixing with sulfur. The uniqueness of the crater is the water is greenish, and can turned vary depends on the sulfur quantity and weather.

It just a small place
Bergambar kenangan di Kawah Putih, sebenarnya kitorang ada video bersama, sambil pakai mask. Kena pakai mask di sini sebab kandungan sulfur tinggi (the smell of sulfur was very strong here)

How about my photography skill? :)
Then selepas selesai menikmati keindahan alam, we going back to city but went to Air Asia office here first, to add additional weight for luggage, since we expect the luggage would be increased some more! ahaks

Then we were went to Pasar Baru and found too much beautiful clothes, handbags, accessories etc but my priority would be a kebaya! 

Foto Julia Azrina.
I bought i think 5 kebaya's here (Kebaya is Indonesian traditional cloth for women as you were seen before in beauty pageant competition)
Now you know from where i got my stuff :D
The price for each kebaya is around Rp.70,000 (RM30) and the skirt Rp.20,000 and i think the price is very good since in Malaysia, the most cheapest would be around RM 150. The skirt / skants actually can mix with a few kebaya.

I was negotiating the price which i think in Pasar Baru is more expensive rather than D'Fashion :(

A lot of textile you may found here even songket but in India and Thailand version 

Women's accessories also have in Pasar Baru. Heaven!

Dah macam harta karun dah


I bought a lot of 'dokoh' here since I always wearing a kebaya, so dokoh would be the best pair for it.

Also in down stairs we can found a market to buy dry groceries. Julie bought a cinnamon stick for her friend. What a kind!

4th Day, 15th February 2017

The after breakfast the same thing (I love it since I am spicy-eater), we still went back to Pasar Baru to buy AGAIN. LOL and take a lunch there (quite expensive there, to be honest)

We also managed to buy a famous brownies (a-must-buy in Bandung) in Kartika Sari.

Lastly we going back to KUL at 3 p.m. which our flight at 7.30 p.m. and we arrived KLIA2 at 1 a.m. and took an ERL from KLIA2 to Putrajaya Sentral. The price of the parking for 4 days 3 nights in Putrajaya Sentral is only RM 30. 

I think the total price RM 1,260 included my shop in D'Fashion and Pasar Baru, actually you are expected to spend more since the attraction of Bandung is their textile and clothes. A lot of people will spend more than RM 5,000 there, especially in Pasar Baru but both of us have been agreed, to not really focus on shopping since we are planning to the next trip (my next trip after Bandung is Europe). 

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