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SERIOUS: How I Confirmed Either Avril Is Dead Or Still Alive?

Yes... I am back!!! To all of Avril's fan, I am so sorry to make you guys waiting for my 'decision' hehe.. but before that, I want to show Avril's pic taken from her instagram. She is very beautiful as always!!! ❤❤

Beautiful same as Barbie yachh ❤❤
Such an angel
 As I did told you guys about the hoax that Avril might be dead and has been replaced by her look-alike (Melissa Vendella) and last time I did agreed after some research I've been made about her (I feel so sad). You may read it HERE.

The summary of my finding:

1. I got believed about this rumors which my research was cover all of her looks, especially while I seen she standing beside the same guy but another time she look shorter (nobody will reduced their height!!) From this research, I am confirmed that her look aliked/Melissa is exist. And, you may see this picture both of them , THEY'RE TOGETHER IN ONE PICTURE

Image result for avril lavigne hangout with melissa
Ini adalah gambar bukti yang aku jumpa di internet, di mana kedua-duanya hang out together dan kemudiannya Avril dikatakan membunuh diri selepas depress atas kematian datuknya
2. I was read a lot of comments in internet about her performance, about her character, about her looks, but I am confirmed that ALL HUMAN WOULD BE CHANGED. Avril is just a human, sometimes she has stressful day that cannot performed on her stage, and Avril may changed her character from boyish during teenagers life to more lady like when getting matured. And about her looks, it may changed because of technical purposes, ie. her nose, nowadays the celebrity might use a filler injection, or maybe because of make up evolution and stronger shading that may changed her nose from round (2003) to more slimmer (2007).

You may seen Avril's nose that I was screenshot from her video to confirmed about her look. Yes, something changed from her first album in 2003.

Her nose from 2003 is more round. But as I told you, it may because of either technical (lighting & camera angle & editing) or aesthetic procedure.
First Album: Let Go  released at 2002
-lagu contoh seperti Let Go, Skater Boy, Mobile

Second Album: Under My Skin released at 2004
- lagu hit Nobody's Home, My Happy Ending, Don't Tell Me

Third Album: The Best Damn Thing released at 2007
- Hit song like Girlfriend, When Your'e Gone, Keep Holding On

Fourth Album: Goodbye Lullaby released at 2011
Wish You Were Here
Fitfh Album: Avril Lavigne at 2013

And people keep saying about her fangs. Come on guys, Melissa/her look alike can be designed to copy everything same with Avril, either character, hair, fangs, nose, since we have dental specialist to make an arrangement on it. Even cosmetic surgery! Am I right?? Since I was believed about Melissa, yea but how about Avril either she really death or alive?

In our life, have a few things physically cannot be modified (DNA and of course the thumb print but we are not talking about something that we unreacheable about it). From myself, i finally confirmed 2 evidence that Avril is still alive until now:


Yea, a voice cannot be copied from other people. And, what's wrong about her eyes? There's nothing wrong, but if you keep watching her old video, you can see that. NOBODY CAN GO TO DOCTOR AND ASK THEM TO CHANGED.

She has a little bit 'squint' when looking front (2003). Not believed? you may check a lot of video from youtube.

Look her eyes is still same obviously can found from this video. "Wish You Were Here" is a song from  FOURTH ALBUM in 2011 (Romurs about Avril has dead in 2004). 

Even in the pictures in instagram we also can found her 'squint' in latest picture


Thus, now it's confirmed that AVRIL IS ALIVE UNTIL NOW ❤❤❤

I feel so happy & released from this discovery! Thank God! And, to those other fans, I need you to share this entry to worldwide to stop this rumors & to prevent fighting in all of Avril's picture! We all love you Avril... and this news is CONFIRMED THAT SHE STILL WITH US! To Avril, all the best to your career and believed me, this entry would changed your fans's mind to be back to normal! Love!!! 😚😚😚

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