Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Explore The Meaningful of Chinese Culture!

One more 'killer' theme park in Shen Zhen which is a-must-visit:  SPLENDID CHINA & CULTURAL VILLAGE to understand of China's history.

By bring you to imagine that the literary scroll pass all the famous by Battle On Horseback show!

A very stunning battle scene on a 2 hectare field with a mix of magnificent sound effects, horse riding skill & fireworks, this is must see live entertainments!

The Golden Spear Dynasty, this grand original live entertainment is a historical play narrating a magnificent epic on a generation of nomadic warriors who led an army of 40,000 soldiers to defeat an enemy army of 400,000 in a legendary battle and conquered the prairie.

Walking around the park and enjoying beautiful sceneries of China. This is the China's first cultural theme park.

also as National 5A tourist attraction! Well Done!

Happening rite?



The direction.

Plan your tour becos this park is very huge to ride.

Tembok Besar China, Mogao Grottoes at Gansu, and Yungang grottoes, Shanxi.

Getting to know Chinese culture and appreciate the beautiful costume. & don't forget to take photo!

Amacam sama tak? haha



Riding the touring car services is much easier beside self driving vehicles.

Folk Culture Village presented traditional civilazation of 12 ethnic groups.

Our team said this is 'woman' village which one of the ethnic groups presented.

Wearing Empress headband. Cantik tak? hehe

Mr. Teo said that I look good with the headband. Cool.

Enjoying local Yunnan food at Lijiang Street Concessionaire restaurant.

Muslim were segregated into separated table. OMG, they served us 3 plates of vegetables which is too many to eat! LOL

Ini dia... tukang perabis sayur-mayur tu semua.

Aku? Tersandar kekenyangan dek minum Chinese Tea terlalu banyak! I love chinese tea & oolong tea so much!

Then proceed to the most important show which is a large China's variety show epic:


Also well known as a SHOW FOR CHINESE which is THE AMAZING SHOW that i ever watch in my life! Sampai sekarang belum habis kagum lalu menyesal tak sudah sebab tak beli DVD that show. *nangis*

You are about to emerge in the colorful Chinese culture when watching the show which it blends dancing, music, stunt shows, magics, light shows and horse riding skills together. Unfortunately i could snap a few pictures only becos of empty battery. 0_0

REAL. I m sooo Impressed!!

Tengok tu... siap ada hujan turun! Pentas kat Malaysia ada?

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