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The Unique of Culture Assimilating


Macau Special Administration Region (MSAR) is placed 60 km from Hong Kong. 

So guys, what is the signature attraction of Macau? Based on the history, Macau was administered by Portugal from the mid-16th century until 1999. It was rented by Portugal by the Chinese Empire as a trading port. The Golden Lotus Square - was presented by the State Council of the People's Republic of China in 1999 to mark th Macau Sovereignty transfer from Portugal to the PRC.

Me was in front of the Golden Lotus Square. 

The area features the large bronze sculpture Lotus Flower In Full Bloom.

Lotus Square today is popular with skateboarders because of its abundance of ledges, kerbs and stairs.

So since Macau was abandoned by the Portugal, today we noticed that many of Portugal culture was found absorbed in that chinese island.
For instance on their wording. You will found Purtugal words usage at their building, sign board, traffic signage... And everywhere. See?

The Food.

Portuguese Meal also can found in local cuisine. The most simple that everybody can noticed is Portuguese Egg Tart.

Lepas makan sempat lagi snap gambar sendiri. 

Do you know that once upon a time Macau is ever placed the biggest Church in Asia Tenggara?

Ruin's of St. Paul's Church (Old Church of Mater Dei). Tapi dah musnah dalam kebakaran dan kini, cuma tinggal kesan sejarah. 

Here is the story.

In the museum. Jesus Christ.

The Maryam. 

Gabriel kot?? 

Their history portrait.

After went Ruin's of St. Paul's Church straight away to shop at Senado Square. The right time to purchased souvenier!

Christmas decoration was seems in anywhere. 

Oh ya, don't forget to visit the A-ma Temple. The most famous Taoist Temple in Macau, and one of the oldest.

The building.

Guys, it's pleasure to visit their religion attraction & culture of the country whenever you travel. It can be the interested part to gain knowledge and identify the historical remains.

Captured in front of the Macau Tower. Symbol of the state.

Besides, Macau also well known as Casino Town of The World!

Sands Macau. The original NKOTB.

Grand Lisboa. Best Poker In Asia!

The night scene.


And also the most beautiful I thought, see the architectural design.

At 550,000 square feet, the Venetian Macao is the largest casino in the world and the hub for all international artists who visit Asia these days.

The famous canals of Venice recreated indoors at the Venetian. Naik canal pastu dihiburkan dengan nyanyian.

Sebenarnya langit ni buatan manusia... Tu pasal rasa bergema.

The casino from outside. Tak masuk pun sebab bawak budak bawak umur (anak Puan Haslini).

Outside the building.

Opposites of Venetion Macau is City Of Dreams.

Sebenarnya shoping kompleks biasa je.

Tapi kan... even shopping kompleks biasa pun, siap ada Coach lagi tau! Mid Valley ada?

But I unaffordable to step in. LOL

Lastly.... Galaxy Rio Macau: Local hangout

The Rio’s nightclub is a popular spot for the locals, and has a slightly exotic, rough-and-tumble feel to it. Men from all walks of life gather there for a boys' night out -- for some, it's every night.

The Rio is not your average family-friendly tourist casino. With low stakes gambling and a sauna where "men talk serious business," the crowd here is obviously male-dominated.

We stay there for 1 night. Wajah bertukar ceria dapat stay 4 star hotel. 

The best hotel that you can stay. Comfort.

All facilities completely provided. Siap ada cermin untuk make-up!

The lobby.

Me with Puan Haslini.

Time to breakfast.

Nothing much you can eat if you a Muslim. Sorry guys, you are not in Malaysia to enjoy the freedom of feast! Sesungguhnya dunia ini penjara bagi orang Mukmin, ingat tu!

Love this toaster. Convenient

I just only can eat these.

Btw I still enjoy the meal with smile! Well-adapt terhadap apa jua persekitaran adalah kemahiran aku yang terunggul.

Orait, next entry please. 

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