Sunday, 16 December 2012

Disneyland What??

Masa kecik-kecik pernah berangan tak nak pergi Disneyland?? Mesti pernah kan? Then, did you ever thought that is it possible to fulfill your childhood dream?

Look at the obligatory picture which is

Only using RM1 for every HK$2.50 for current exchange, now everyone can visit Disneyland & enjoy freedom shop!

Muka excited nak masuk Disneyland
All visitor is not allowed to bring outside food! Sebelum masuk Disneyland please makan kenyang-kenyang tau! Ensure you have enough energy to tone up your bottom and enjoy all the 'killer rides'!

Disneyland, discover a new world of Disney Magic in an exciting setting! Until today, I  still can't believed that finally I had reached there.

Fyi the best seasons to visit is during end of the year; which is you just  wear a slim outfit & reached the very lovely of Sparkling Christmas! 

Then.... Click the words below to check it out!!!

Main Street USA
The Scenery, Show, and Parade
The Thrill Rides
The Small World
HALAL Food in Hong Kong Disneyland

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