Saturday, 22 December 2012


Hey Guys, I m still in tourisme mood which I just went Cairo, EGYPT

Beside that I went Amsterdam, HOLLAND

also Niagara Falls, USA!

and lastly....  The Eiffel Tower, FRANCE!! 

The conclusion is... I have a very loong journey around the world!!!! For sure this is the greatest achievement for 2012 at my age just 27.

Where was me actually?

The truth is, you only can experience the all of major monumental buildings & architecture of the world through out visiting SHEN ZHEN WINDOW OF THE WORLD

Shen Zen
(Pronounce: "Syen-Jen")

Attire of the day. Never forget the very practical sling-bag.

The Team.

Our trip to Shen Zen by sea pass. Waiting for Ferry. 

I just know that ferry is only operated by turbo engine! LOL

Welcome. The Glass Pyramid of Louvre, France.

Vintage Train Station was provided for easier ride.

But for me riding train is not practical.... Golf Car Station is better option.

Convenient. Driving freely.

From Left: Borobudur, Indonesia. Taj Mahal, India.
The Spanish Steps, Italy. Spaint Michael Abbey, France.

From left: Eiffel Tower, France. The Spanish Steps, Italy.

The Pisa Leaning Tower and Church, Italy

The Idyllic Sights of Windmills and Tulips, Holland

BLUR. That why I said driving freely is much better that train-ride. Spoil.

Mari ambil gambar unta untuk hiburkan hati.

Many people in front of Pyramid of Giza, Egypt. Hmmm

The Fir'aun.

China gate.

Muka-muka orang yang kabur. Mount Rushmoore National Memorial, USA.

Egypt Gate.

Relief Wall of Civilization.

Too many to named it.

The Istanbul one. Beli souvenier sementara tunggu yang lain.

Happily ever after face. HUH?

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