Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Jungle & Glazier In Disney

Disneyland had 6 section to be reached consist Grizzly Gulch, Small World, Adventure Land, Tomorrow Land, Fantasyland and Main Street USA. Plan your ride because it opens at 10 a.m.

Upon arriving do take the mandatory capture in front of Mickey iconic made up of flowers (check it out by this entry). Then grab a map to plan.

Merchandise shop is provided for every type of land. No worries.

The rides.

The most thrill attraction for adult: Grizzly Gulch

Ada sapa-sapa nak merasa masuk jail? Pastu WANTED

It was accidently built on top of active geysers.

by ride the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars!

See?? The Mine car not only to racing out the mountain but also backward! Experience it yourself!

Tomorrow Land.

Space Mountain. Which is the high speed of roller coaster (baca doa dulu sebelum mula takut pengsan)

For family rides, The Orbitron. 

The Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters! Budak-budak lelaki sukalah ni.. sebab boleh tembak musuh

Fantasyland: Ride on of 60 graceful prancing horses with Cinderella Carousel. Suit for kids. 

Orait, take 5

Board the Fantasyland Train Station for HKDL Railroad

Advanture Land, the jungle

hehe. Jangan tuduh aku curang pada suami.

The Trafts used to cross the Rivers of Advanture to reach the Tarzan Island.

Tarzan Tree House.

Dalam hutan juga ada jual souvenier.

Don't forget to have a journey in the cruise. 

Everything is userfriendly & family friendly. Only 20 minutes for long que because of their sistematically and well organize. Well done to the management and Disney Team.

So what you can experienced to cross along the mysterious Rivers of Advanture?

Gajah dan anaknya. Aku siap kena sembur air!


Perkampungan orang utan. Maaf guna kamera company yang cap ayam, takpe nanti kita buat post mortem

The tame animals.

Lajukan bot kak. Takut basah lagi.

What? They were chased by wild animal!

Just say good luck to them.

Or the worst case they will turn like these? Erk

Apa ni? aku pun tak paham.

Gua yang tiba-tiba terbakar. Suspen tau

So how? Amazing right? See you until the next entry OK. Tungguuuuu


Suliana said...

as salam..

seronok nya berjalan.. ini bukan blog mas putri dulu ke??

MasReena said...

Iye kak suliana.... Cuma dah turn to sightseeing blog =)

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