Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Akhirnya tibalah hari terakhir berada di bumi Hong Kong. I feel excited to meet my family member even a bit sad to leave China. I will write the special entry about that.

After having breakfast we proceed to Lantau Island. Not by ferry pass but Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car, which is the signature attraction when you come Hong Kong. 

Our 5.7km cable car journey is a visually spectacular ride!

With my lovely supportive roommate, Madam Stella. Very nice lady.

In the comfort of the naturally ventilated cabins while enjoying view of:

Tung Chung Bay

the Hong Kong International Airport 

Ngong Ping Plateau

South China Sea, the Big Buddha as well as the flora and fauna of Lantau North Country Park!

So guys, keep your cameras handy to capture the panoramic!

Hoping off the cable car.

The culturally themed and landscaped Ngong Ping Village

Fact: Siddartha Gautama is the man who was become Buddha.

In front of Giant Buddha.

Kalau rajin pi buat senaman naik tangga macam di Batu Cave.


Went to Giant Buddha and having vegetarian cuisine at Po Lin Monastery to experience the Buddhisme culture. Enjoy.

Apasal semua orang buat muka bosan ni??

Look, I can finish it. The soup, rice, vege, keladi & popiah.

This place was practiced the real of vegetarian meal and alcohol free. No syubhah.

Lastly proceed to Tung Chung Citygate Shopping Centre. The must visit shopping centre which only a few km from HKIA. I will write the specific entry about shopping.

Hong Kong International Airport. 

During waiting departure you also can eat HALAL fast food in HKIA. The Popeye. 

Herewith the certificate of authorisation . 

Balun. Fortunately light dinner also provided during in flight. No worries ok.

They always environmental friendly.

Time to return. Tears because I will no longer as a staff of the company.  

Please keep in touch guys. Wish both of us all the best in the future. Thank you for your supportive and encouragement... only God can pay it. *sad*

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