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Saya Dapat Peluk DAVID BECKAM

Upon arrival by coach we proceed for Hong Kong city tour. Firstly we went to Wong Dai Xin Temple, which is the most popular Taoist temple in Hong Kong.


Wong Dai Xin Temple is known for its fortune-telling. The fortune sticks (or lots) in Wong Tai Sin Temple are very accurate. 

Look, many people who visit the temple come to have their fortunes told. They're pray for luck, successful, and wealth maybe. The women might be pray to getting married with a rich man!

Wong Tai Sin Temple is the only temple that offers facilities for wedding ceremonies in Hong Kong.

The Repulse Bay.

Located in the southern part of Hong Kong Island, is the most spectacular bay in the region.

Its name comes from a 19th century battle in which the British army repulsed attacking pirates. Today, Repulse Bay is a luxurious residential area for dining, relaxation, and aquatic activities.
  The next trip we went to Aberdeen


Let's experience the traditional life of boat-dwellers. Directly deal with the boat-dwellers instead of pay through the travel agent. The way to protect their livelihood.

Enjoy the scenery. 

One of the floating restaurant, Jumbo.

Aberdeen is the largest satellite town with a population of about sixty thousand. It was a pirates' den two centuries ago and later turned into a simple fishing village. 
In recent years, with local high-rise building developments, Aberdeen has modernized and now it becomes a vibrant waterfront resort for people from metropolitan Hong Kong.

After that we went to jewellery manufacturing which supply the custom jewelery such watches and lady accessories.

Snap picture in the toilet. Sengaja stay dalam tandas cantik lama-lama untuk escape dari salesgirl yang keluarkan kalkulator setiap kali kita tengok custom jewellery yang dipamerkan.

Proceed to lunch.

The restaurant.

Feeling dalam titanic lak. kikiki

One of the most important place in Hong Kong, Madam Tussauds which place at Peak Tower on Victoria Peak.

 The picture of the founder, Madame Tussaud (1761-1850), who is an outstanding artist in France.

Madame Tussaude Wax Museum, the museum exhibiting the wax likenesses of world famous people. Madame Tussauds also one of the cultural figures beside consisting Pablo Picasso, Shakespare, Pavaroti, Rembrann Van Riji, and Lang Lang in that section.

Betul tak, famous people? Cakap YA sekarang

Anybody can tell me who are them? Is it Anita Mui? Sory, I not totally follow the world of entertainment industry, hehe

Mandarin star: Aaron Kwok, Barbie Hsu, Chiling Lin, Leslie Cheung, Leon Lai, Connie Chan dan satu dari empat naga langit Hongkong Andy Lau. (tapi aku tak perasan Leslie Cheung dalam ni)

Stunt Star: Jet Lee, Jackie Chan, Michele Yeoh, Donny Yen dan legenda Bruce Lee. If you ever read my previous entry you'll know that I am a great fan of Michelle Yeoh.

Masa zaman remaja dok berangan nak kahwin Andy Lau. Tinggi tak cita-cita?

Also the political figures of selected country such the Former Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, Donald Tsang, George W. Bush, Gandhi, Obama, Hu Jintao, Deng Xiao Ping, and Wen Jiao Bao. Carik Tun Mahathir tak de lah pulak.

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the Indian independence movement.

This is Willian Shakespeare. The England's national poet. Masa sekolah ada dalam silibus English Literature kan?

Also British Royal Family such as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. But I capture to late Diana.

Next to cartoon, fashionista, and the pop star all over the world.

The Fashionista: Naomi Cambell dan Elle Macpherspon.
 The Pop Star: Teresa Teng, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Fredy Queen, Mick Jager, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Joe Young, Miriam Yeung and Michael Jackson.
The Hollywood:  Angelina Jollie, Brad Pitt, Johny Depp, Nicole Kidman, Sir Anthony Hopkin and Marlyn Monroe.

Tak perlu diperkenalkan lagi, Elvis Presley dan Amitabh Bachan.

Marilyn Monroe, the legend of world's biggest sex symbols and yes, the legend pop of the world Michael Jackson. 

The Beatles, were an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960.

Lastly all of the International Athletics section which consists
David Beckham, Tiger Woods, Yao Ming, Muhammad Ali, Ronaldinho dan Liu Xiang.

Ronaldinho, a Brazilian footballer and Liu Xiang, a Chinese 110 meter hurdler. Liu is an Olympic Gold medalist and World Champion.

Yiao Ming

Tigerwood, is an American professional golfer whose achievements to date rank him among the most successful golfers of all time.His real name, Eldrick Tont. The highest-paid athlete in the world. Hebat kan? Rezeki Tuhan nak bagi.

Thanks Mitrajaya for bring me to HIM. You are the best employer that I ever work *TIBA-TIBA*

Lastly we went to Ladies Market (Mong Kok) in Tung Choi Street.

It gets its name from the huge amount of clothing and accessories on sale for women of all ages; however, with watches, cosmetics, bags, home furnishings, CDs and trinkets also up for grabs

Purchase your souvenier and merchandise here. First bargain until half of reserved price.

If you come ladies street please bring a lot of money. This place is heaven for shopper and visitor.

General Holidays is the terms for Public Holiday.


Night Scenery of Hong Kong. This pic was taken at Victoria Peak.

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