Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Show

Ini entry yang lupa nak publish untuk entry DISNEYLAND hari tu... so layan je pic2 di bawah.

The Show
Festival of The Lion King: Witness a colourful pageant of music and dance inspired by and celebrating Disney's animated classic!

Besar ko lubang hidung babi!

Nothing much can i say becos I not follow the Lion King sequence. Kimba A White Lion aku tahulah, kikiki.

Before come to Disneyland, it is better to marathon the Lion King series at youtube first.

Mickey's Phillar Magic. Definitely THE BEST magical 4D adventure that you must see.

imagine that, the duck baling pinggan pun rasa real macam nak kena mata tau! The funny is, most of the audience try to pick the matters! & ada jugak kanak-kanak menangis sebab terkejut! LOL

You also can feel the flying carpet! Trust me, memang real. Rasa tak puas tengok sekali.

Lastly I bring you to their signature attraction: The Golden Mickey Musical.

A celebration of Disney's film and characters which you can ENJOY ALL OF THE GAME AND SONG.

Beauty and The Best. I loikkeee


Eyriqazz said...

huhuhu..jealouss..bila la dpt pi sini ya

Crew Fathi said...

Hohohoho.. bestnyoooo

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